Having a hard time figuring out yourself?

Here’s a short story that I want to share with you from one of my friends who’s having the same feeling like you do. This is actually normal to experience this kind of situation because it is part of growing up and getting mature. 

I sometimes can’t explain myself, I mean I do not understand myself sometimes in some things. I don’t know why, but I feel like I look like an idiot. It is awkward and uncomfortable. I sometimes think that I’m going to get crazy for thinking so much things that I should not care.

Right now what I always thought was. I feel like I’m a prisoner locked out in a room/box, always afraid of something and was never exposed to anything. Can’t move because there’s always someone looking at you. And afraid of something that may destroy me. 

But  I some how realize those quotes/sayings that I always read on the internet are somehow true. That you have to do what you gotta do, whether its bad or good, It’s our own choice, your destiny as what they said. Truth is whatever you do, people will always say something about you.

  •  Realizing one’s self can be so hard and sometimes difficult to figure out. You have to take the risk of being alone and be with things that makes you happy and make you realize what you really want in life.

I would like to know what are your experiences of dealing yourself, can you drop a comment or send me an email of your story and I’ll publish it with your consent.

Email me: alouettatruffle@yahoo.com

Please feel free to comment and give your opinions or your experiences ’bout finding YOURSELF below.

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