There are simple things in life that can’t be bought with any amount of money. Things that does not require money so you can afford. Things around you that are visible yet in your own eyes it’s invisible.  Don’t know what I mean? well, It’s for you to find out.

Giving your self a teat is not bad. Providing yourself a time to relax and away from the stress is one way of escaping from all your problems and stressful days you had.

Always give time for yourself .Going in a vacation alone is one way of giving yourself oppurtunity to think and to realize what you really want in life.Don’t tie yourself in just one place and with the same people around you, go out and explore new environment and experience things you havent done before. Travelling is one way of escaping from your comfort zone. Dealing with different types of people from different places or countries can boost you confidence. Do things you havent tried. Travel to some places where you can find peace and meditate with your own self. Going to a vacation is one of the gifts you can give to yourself, creating memories and discovering things that are new to you are one of the precious moments you can treasure until you get old. Although having a travel buddy is much more convenient when creating and capturing every moments you had it’s also nice to be alone with just yourself. It’s more important you can get to know more about yourself because that is where everything starts that you learn to respect and appreciate yourself that you cannot find to other people. It’s not that bad to appreciate and giving your accomplishments an award.

Creating and building self esteem is one of the most important things you may learn along the way while you travel alone.

Balance your life. You need a life!!! I mean “Get a life”!!! Go out and expose yourself.

Do not imprison yourself in a box. You need to get out , don’t just focus on one thing, set a goal and make it as your primary purpose to be a successful individual.

Let me give you some ideas on how you can spend time with yourself:

  • Public. First thing that comes to our mind when we say :”go out” are going to malls, foodcourts, parks and resturants.It’s less hassle and less money that you can spend. And another thing is going to bars, clubs and pubs.
  • Beaches. You can also go to your near beaches which you can unwind and enjoy the view. And when it comes to beaches Philippines has a lot to offer, even in one city you can find a lot of beautiful beach that I’m sure you can really enjoy. Going to resorts is one of the nicest way of getting yourself pampered and unwind. Although it may costs a lot of money but you will surely not regret it. Some of the beaches do not costs much and those are the low costs beaches that you can still find on your local areas
  • Out of town. Book a trip just for a week. Just to give yourself time to relax and get away from all the stress. Nowadays, a lot of hotels and resorts from different cities are giving discounts and has low costs of accomodations. And it’s a great time to grab the oppurtunity while it lasts.
  • International. Go out in your confort zone, maybe it’s time for you to take the risks as a Foreigner outside the country. Well, actually it’s not a risk but more on a challenge to yourself since you will be going alone as an independent person to a place that is new to you or a new environment. It’s a very nice experience to see genuine places that you haven’t been before, watching the views that only your naked eye could see. Coz’ you could actually feel overwhelmed  and amused by the things you can find along the way. See the beauty of the world that can offer.


Don’t waste time and prepare to see what journey could bring you.

IF you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to comment down or email me. Thank you.