CATS are wonderful. They may sometimes ruin your day because they stole your fish but they are one of the reasons why the earth is a beautiful place to live in. Not only cats but all of the animals are amazing. They’ve been created to make the world a happy place to stay in.

Cats are so adorable and when you see them you couldn’t resist their cuteness, they are one of the amazing things that God created in this world. That’s why we need to take good care of them.  These animals are so unique and just like other animals they have a distinctive traits . They can be your stress reliever and can be your companion when your alone. You can even talk to them , they’re a good listener and can be your bestfriend too. They like to play a lot.

A typical cat lives in 12 to 18 years.


There are so many types of cats in the world and all of them needs love and care.

Even if they cannot talk but they can feel what humans are doing to them, they can feel pain and they have emotions. Yes, they are animals but they are not just an animal that’s strolling in the streets and wondering from place to place, they are also like humans that needs food and shelter. And like humans they also have families and friends that’s why sometimes we could see them together in one place because they have also relationships with each other. These animals are so alike with humans that they also need love and affection.


Not all of us likes cats because they sometimes stole foods but it is not a reason to do some cruel stuff to them. They are not just a thing that if you don’t like that certain thing then you can just dismantle and throw it away, cats have emotions if you hurt them they can feel it and it’s really heartbreaking to see an animal that get’s hurt and killed for a non sense reasons . Though they’re just animals they have the right to live and have a life in this world, they exist so why don’t just take care of them treat them as our family.

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